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The 3 pillars of Africa Amini Health

Traditional African plant medicine
At Africa Amini Health we concentrate on naturopathic remedies which are based on local healing plants used since generations amongst the Tanzanian people. Moringa, Aloe Vera and the various benevolent extracts of the honey bee are our most prominent ingredients. Applied as ointments and oral agents these substances strengthen the body and prevent a lot of diseases. Before we started our medical work in Tanzania we traveled to various continents encountering different cultures and medical traditions, nowadays we sum up all those experiences. Our healing treatments and remedies are a combination of different healing approaches and ingredients the latter being intensified while blending them according to homeopathic principles.

Regulation of energetic circulation
At Africa Amini Health we started using techniques such as acupuncture, scenery and laser therapy to regulate energetic circulation. These techniques help to balance out circulatory dysfunctions of the body.

Realignment and Restart
Many of us may have experienced some crossroads in life when it feels like it´s time to choose a new path to walk upon or even to explore a new self. We like to invite all those people looking for contemplation to our Maasai Lodge and the healing center. Here in the midst of a tremendous landscape supported by a combination of naturopathic treatments and psycho therapeutic techniques, our patients effectively solve blockages and recover from traumatic experiences in order to realign themselves and restart. In Africa, it is common practice to celebrate new stages in life with various initiation rituals, aligned with the individual needs of our patients and on request we integrated some Meru and Maasai initiation rituals at Africa Amini Health.