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“Each cycle is a unique experience; diet, choice, selection, season, weather, digestion, decomposition and regeneration differ each time it happens. Thus, it is the number of such cycles, great and small, that decide the potential for diversity. We should feel privileged to be part of such eternal renewal. Just by being alive we have achieved immortality - as grass, grasshoppers, gulls, geese and other living beings. We are of the diversity we experience in every real sense.

If as physical scientists assure us, we all contain a few molecules of Einstein, and if the atomic particles of our physical body reach to the outermost bounds of the universe, then we are all de facto components of all things. There is nowhere left for us to go if we are already everywhere, and this is, in truth, all we will ever have or need. If we love ourselves at all, we should respect all things equally, and not claim any superiority over what are, in effect, our other parts. Is the hand superior to the eye? The bishop to the goose? The son to the mother?”

Bill Mollison, Biologist and Environmentalist

Africa Amini Earth is a permaculture project in the northern Maasai Steppe of Tanzania headed by Permaculture Designer and Beekeeper Franko Göhse. Together with the physicians of Africa Amini Alama, DDr. Christine Wallner and Dr. Cornelia Wallner Frisee the team at Africa Amini Earth dedicated their work to the creation and recreation of healthy natural habitats according to permaculture principles at the foot of Mt Kilimanjaro. We like to invite people to join the project whether as our guest at the Africa Amini Maasai Lodge relaxing and rejuvenating in the midst of our permaculture gardens or as a student digging deeper into the philosophy and practical techniques of permaculture during our courses.

Permaculture is a branch of ecological design and ecological engineering which develops sustainable human settlements and self-maintained agricultural systems modelled from natural ecosystems. The focus of permaculture is not on the individual elements, but rather on the relationships created among the elements by the way they are placed together - that is, the whole outcome becoming greater than the sum of its individual components.

The Africa Amini Earth Institute and the Africa Amini Maasai Lodge are situated on 400 acre of holy ground gifted by the Maasai people of Ngabobo. Here, we design natural landscapes in order to create a setting of wellbeing and healing as well as a place to study the principles of permaculture. Our main goal is to promote the harmonic co-existence of man and nature.